• Aaron: True name: “Uriel”
    The First Archangel
    Specialties: telekinesis, telepathy, shapeshiftingread more
  • Abe: TheMessenger.

    read more
  • Galen: True name: “Michael”
    The Fourth Archangel
    Specialty: compassion  read more
  • Katherine: True name: “Gabriel”
    Third Archangel
    Specialty: Clairvoyance read more
  • Lael and Serah: Mentors
  • LukeTrue name: “Raziel”
    Fifth Archangel
    Specialty: Secret of God, knows all of the secrets of the more
  • RachelTrue name: “Raguel”
    Sixth Archangel
    Specialty: Friend of God, justice, fairness, harmony, and harmonic lawread more
  • SydneyTrue name: “Raphael”
    Second Archangel
    Specialty: telekinesis, telepathy, shapeshifting, seductionread more