True name: “Gabriel”
Third Archangel
Specialty: Clairvoyance



Human Speak:

My name is Katherine and though I grew up in a poor foster family with a Caucasian mother who did her utmost to kill my spirit, I have prevailed.  I, and I alone have persevered and accomplished great things with my charity foundation, as I worked to save the hurting children of the world.  It has been my life mission to help every suffering child in the world.  I never want another child to go through what I went through; to live in poverty; to be told they would not amount to anything; to be called ugly; or to be belittled.  Within every child there is a bright star of light: he, or she, needs only for someone to protect that light so he may thrive and be all he can be.

But for now that seems to be on hold, or I guess in the past, or maybe even never was.  Regardless, I seemed to have suffered a horrible death in a plane crash and now find myself in a world that does not make sense.  I am now supposed to gracefully and WITHOUT question accept a new role as an Archangel; relearn certain powers I supposedly used in a previous celestial time and save the entire world from destruction.   Yes, exactly… so now you know how I feel!  And things aren’t going very smoothly in this Modos world.  Gotian, our supposed guide and mentor seems to be sending us on wild-goose chases.  He speaks in disjointed parables like a poor clone of Jesus, and he keeps insisting we follow crows to find answers to the puzzles of this world. Yet, I at least, am trying to step into this new role, learn my powers of transportation and guide the other Archangels.  Even though I have yet to get rid of all my human feelings, crave the luxuries of my life, miss my children, and yes, even my cheating husband.

Nonetheless I am trying… unlike Aaron, whose arrogance, selfishness, and insubordination continues to make this all the more difficult and infuriating!  For that matter Sydney’s sarcasm, Galen’s childishness, Rachel’s denial, and Luke’s trivial trivia is grating my very last nerves.  I am use to dealing with many personality types in my charity work and getting everyone on board and moving in one direction.  But I am finding organizing this group to be a daunting task.  What’s most frustrating of all… is that here in Modos, nothing seems to ever compute.  Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law states that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite re-action”.  However, the actions we take here seem to create re-actions that don’t follow that Law.