About Us

Trinity Films Productions was started in early 2003 by Yvette Araujo, former CEO of GroundFloor Productions which produced Sister Blvd.  Sister Blvd. aired successfully on the WB and PAX networks for two years.

Based in California, Trinity Films has concluded it’s production with Modos: The Mini-Series and has started production with two short films, one being a murder mystery short and the second being a comedy short.  Trinity Films Production has begun the undertaking of developing a unique Docu-drama of the AIDS/HIV epidemic in this country.

Trinity Films is also proud to have produced, Fallen: The Book Series which can be found at fallenthebookseries.com.  The first two books of a twelve part series, “The Loathing” and “Origin” are available through Barnes and Noble, Xlibris, and Amazon or your local book store.  The next book in the series “Androgyny” which is NOW available on all major booksellers.

Trinity has had the pleasure producing a wide array of projects; ranging from web, print, television and feature films.  If the project is extraordinary we produce it, doesn’t matter genre, run-time or media form.  Make your ordinary, extraordinary today!