What’s to Come

Adam and Lilith are to walk with other creatures he created. Animals of different species. All coexsisted and there was peace and appreciation for all he created and given.

As the first world was being destroyed and morningstars name was tranformed. The “unclean” ashes fell from the first world and created a dark underworld. The unclean entered the new world and whispered to adam in an omen that the woman that is to be his mate should not be equal, but to be submissive and docile in listening to all that adam has to say, and to do adams bidding when he demanded.

Request was acknowledged and granted. Lilith was removed from the only place she had ever known and placed on the outside of paradise. Lilith was not pleased had became angry in her dismissal. Lilith, did however use not only her gift of free will, but her six senses and found her home in one of the seas that was  created. It would be there that lilith built her empire, sometimes conspiring with the unclean and

And mating with this dark entity. Producing 10,000 demons a day in all forms and voices. Lilith now had her own dominion.


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