True name: “Raguel”
Sixth Archangel
Specialty: Friend of God, justice, fairness, harmony, and harmonic law

Human Speak:

I am Rachel Juarez.  At least I was.  My father died in a car accident when I was 8 years old and my mother was left to face the realization that she had to raise me on her own. But that wasn’t where our nightmare ended that day.  I ran from my father’s funeral onto a nearby construction site trying to get away from the terrible thoughts in my head.  I couldn’t look at all those people crying over a man they barely knew when I couldn’t cry for the father I dearly loved.  Of course, my mother ran after me but I hid from her.  I couldn’t stand looking into her face and seeing all the pain I had caused. The car never would have crashed if I hadn’t distracted him.  It was my fault we were here now. There was a deep hole on the construction site she didn’t see and fell into. I never forgave myself for that either because I caused her to be wheelchair bound. Who was going to take care of her if I didn’t? I had robbed my mother of her husband and now I had robbed her of her legs and an independent life.  I’m all she had left.  I’ve always felt that I was destined for something greater, but if I am, do I deserve it after all the pain I’ve caused?  Somehow, everyone who’s ever loved me gets hurt.

I needed to take care of my mother, so instead of completing college on that scholarship I had worked so hard to get, I dropped out and became a trash collector.  Yeah, I know the politically correct term, “Sanitation Engineer”, but who am I fooling? I take out people’s trash daily; I smell like trash daily. That makes me a trash collector.  Soy un basurero.  At least I was able to come home every day at the same time to look after my mother… she knew she could depend on me. Every day she sat by the window watching and waiting and every day at the same time I came home unable to look into her face. Now, I don’t know where I am or why I am here in this God forsaken place they call Modos.  I must be in purgatory because my mother doesn’t know me anymore and I don’t even know myself or what this thing is I’m becoming.  I wasn’t a very good Human; what makes them think I can be an Angel?  There’s only one place I can get answers and that’s the church.