True name: “Uriel”
The First Archangel
Specialties: telekinesis, telepathy, shape shifting

My name is Aaron. I drink martinis…smoke cigars… I used to have a life. I used to have a wife. You might also like to know that Esquire magazine featured me on their New Years celebration cover as the first person under the age of 30 to become a Billionaire in ‘09. I joined that elite club.

Death is unacceptable to me. Death is for the weak, which is pretty much everybody. But this is all changing. You see… I am dead now. I don’t like it. I don’t do things I don’t like. So…I’m not doin’ dead. No Thank You!

I was run over by a taxi. I didn’t need a ride that badly…some ride. I don’t recall asking for a taxi. I prefer a black Mercedes and a steak, ‘rare’. I consider my death just a tad bit untimely You be the judge.

My companies saved millions of lives. Now it’s time to save the World, or create a new one, once and for all. No genocide, hatred, mass suicide, pestilence, torment, agony despair, sadness, the tyranny of evil…I will fight for your souls…so you, we, All, may live again…freely, peacefully, together as one. But I do things my way. Stay strong and true, and please…be Brave Hearts!!!

You are invited to come along, on this journey, the journey of all time: Beautiful??… Amazing?? …or Deadly…, the most deadly cataclysm ever??? Too early to tell…it is unwritten. But be forewarned…This Is ARMAGEDON!!! Welcome to the jungle. Welcome to the revolution. And beware not to slight at any part of it, for nothing is as it seems. WELCOME TO MODOS!!!!!!!

It’s the best of times…Its the end of times. Pay close attention to your every move…lest you be separated from your soul…and Lost… forever.

The World, as we know it, could be reduced to a snapshot. And even that…will…burn!

The past is history…The future is a mystery…The Present used to be a gift. But now???… All Hell’s breakin’ loose!!!!!