True name: “Raziel”
Fifth Archangel
Specialty: Secrets of God, knows all the secrets of the universe.

Human Speak:

My name is Luke Nasab.  I’d like to start off stating that I’m pleased to say that unlike many of those who share similar genetics and culture, I was raised in the U.K.  By no means was my family impoverished.  In all actuality it was quite the contrary.  During my upbringing, I was rewarded by anything and everything I desired.  Well, almost everything.  There was one exception.  This specific exception is one of the lone things in existence that could never be bartered with common currency… Unconditional love.

No matter… I’ve done quite well thus far without love.  I find it overrated and frankly I have no patience for it.  Who needs love from a limited few when I have all the attention and respect from my 1000’s of readers worldwide?

Which brings me to another thing… In my human existence I was a best selling author.  Let me make this perfectly clear… I share a category with no one.  If one wants to be technical; Dr. Suess is a best selling author as well, but I’d hardly consider that meaningful literature.  It’s merely rubbish to me.  I don’t deal, or play well, with rubbish.

I was not always an only child, but that changed due to an accident with my only sibling… my younger brother.  For whatever it’s worth, I’d rather not get into it at the moment.  Let’s not open an old wound which scarred over some  time ago.

Presently speaking, and I’ll speak frankly; I’m clueless as to my current calling if that’s what you want to consider it.  I now find myself instructed to be a part of a collective, whose sole purpose is supposed to help aid humanity for the common good.  Just how that is supposed to happen working alongside the bumbling fools I’ve been paired with is beyond me.

I find myself in this unfortunate position by way of a simple mishap.  To this day I continue to scratch my head over it.  Such an ironic thing; music, one of few things that makes me feel alive, ultimately assisted in my demise.  I was soaking in a well deserved hot bath; escaping in the sound of one of my favorite pieces from the amazing J.S. Bach.  Somehow I ended up in the company of a plugged in hairdryer sharing the confines of the tub with me.  I wish God had been a little more creative with my death.  I do have some pride.

How exactly did this happen?  You can be sure I have been asking myself that over and over.

Even with all my extensive research, my knowledge of world culture, spirituality, religion and all the books  published on those subjects: this one question I’m sure, I’ll never have the answer to.