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Murder Mystery
Murder Mystery

“The Very Haart of Me”

Sylvia Martin was dumb as a box of rocks, (diamond rocks that is) she was born into wealth, believed everything a man told her, and was in no way short on looks, she was the only person left that I could tell a good story to and use while I got my head together.  I was visiting her at a much needed time in both of our lives, Sylvia’s husband Paolo had been murdered, and I do mean murdered, at least five times over, the man was found hanging in an old butcher meat warehouse hanging from a meat hook, where he had been stabbed and burned. I think this is what police call a crime of passion. I’d say, someone was very passionate about killing his ass. At any rate, Sylvia was pretty broken up about it, and my career as an actor was going nowhere as passionately as Paolo been murdered.



“An Awakening”

 “Room 8”

“Velma” had recently ended a abusive relationship with her boyfriend. Charles did not take it well. He would send flowers, and notes on her car, he even tried to envoke sympathy from one of her friends  and enlist her help in his campaign to win Velma back.  No one would help him.  Velma was happy to be moving on with her life. In the following months “Velma” would be brutally attacked as she left her home for work. She was left for dead, but was discovered by a neighbor and 911 was called for help. “Velma” lay in coma for nine days, with opinion of doctors that she would not recover this violent act, and if she did her quality of life would never be the same.  A very hard year is passing by, and “Velma is beating the odds everyday through her physical therapist, speech pathologist and a team that helped her learn first her rudimentary functions, walking was challenging, and learning to speak again even worse.

“Velma’s  life would never be the same.  Velma was further devastated by the news that she also contracted the HIV virus.  The doctors assumed it was from her prior relationship, she had with her abusive mate for ten years, “Velma is now fearful of what others would think of her. So far Velma has the support of her family and friends after this brutal attack.  Will they be just as understanding with the latest news? Velma felt ashamed and fearful of what others will think of her.  How will she survive this latest news…



You Dont
You Don’t

“You Don’t Know My Life”

Calista is a 40 something never been married or in a committed relationship not even with a plant.  She is now wondering does she have the missing gene for marriage and motherhood.  Her story is told as she sits with her therapist every week and reveals her hyper-sexual activities and emotional instability. There is one secret she is keeping to herself, that she is ready to share with the world.   Told through the perspective, of a Hyper-sexual, OCD, Neurotic, Hopeless Romantic. Is that even possible…