Books 1 & 2

Fallen: The Book Series

"How it Was"
“How it Was”

The Prophecy

A desolate area is shadowy and gray, with barren, scraggly trees and huge, strange rock formations next to the sea. The air breathes of doom. The moon and stars shine in the dark, eerie sky, the only indication this is earth.

The murky water gently ebbs on the sea shore, reflecting the wavy, distorted illusion of a fluffy white kitten. An unreal image of a snake quietly slithers behind the kitten, calculating its attack. It waits until it is almost to the kitten when it stops. Its tongue flickers out. The snake suddenly strikes, its fangs extending. But the kitten turns to face its attacker and it jumps high in the air in fright, but when it lands on all four paws it turns into a vicious, contorted cat of prey, its face hissing, bearing its jagged sharp teeth. It turns on the snake.


"How it Is"
“How it Is”


Morningstar and Zane were entwined physically and discussing Morningstar’s plans and how they could rule the spheres together.  As they were discussing their plans, a hostile entity entered and Morningstar and Zane were torn apart. Zane watched as Morningstar’s beauty transformed into The Red Beast. Eyes that once glowed with brilliance, turned black and hollow and devoid of the light.

Morningstar disappeared and was immediately delivered on his knees before Him.  Morningstar tried to stand but could not rise.  In a language only known to the angels, Morningstar was told that the name Morningstar would never be spoken again, and would be forgotten by all. Morningstar, once an angel of amazing beauty, became a stone figure that fell to ash.