Book 3: A Prologue

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It would be 1000 years in human years until He would create the second world: Earth. This sphere would not resemble the first world.

Colors would be vibrant and useful in their nature. Trees, flowers, a sky, a foundation to walk upon; all would be pesent and vivid in their colors. There would be smells in this new “Earth” enviroment. There would be a presence of wind and droplets of rain.

Division of light from dark would come to be known as day and night. Radiant planets would be a backdrop at night to aid in the indication of time. The sun, a planet large in magnitude would appear to rise and fall as would a smaller planet, moon. Stars would brightly light the sky when the sun rested from a day of brilliance. Large bodies of water, called oceans and seas and smaller called lakes and rivers, all would give the new world divisions to be enjoyed by all its creatures.

The distance of these planets would be far from earth, but would still be capable of being seen by the naked eye.

He would take from the earth and create figures of two genders: man with strength and whole in kind and thought to his creator, woman with shape and whole in grace for her creator. They would be afforded every luxury this paradise would allow and given a gift with their creation. The gift was “free will”.

The man and woman would be called Adam and Lilith. They were to acknowledge the gifts given and, in return, would want for nothing. Much like the angels, they were provided six senses, with the added differences being of the flesh and having free will. Emotions were of their essence. They could indulge in the tastes, sounds and smells in this new place He created. Adam and Lilith were to walk with all other the creatures He formed. Animals of different species were to coexsist. There was peace and appreciation for all He had created and given.

As the first world was being destroyed and Morningstar’s name was transformed to “Unclean”, Unclean’s ashes fell from the first world and created a dark underworld in the second. The Unclean had more than a few who/what? colleegs? fallen angels?  who joined him in his resurection and who had hatred for the new world and the creatures that He favoured so much.

It was the destruction of the first world that fueled the hatred and created the newly formed Earth’s underworld. The Unclean had those that conspired with him and listened for opportunities to destroy this new Earth-world. It was on one of those opportunities that a deciple of the Unclean entered the new world and whispered to Adam that the woman  to be his mate should not be equal, but must be submissive and docile, listening to all that Adam has to say. She had to do Adams bidding when he demanded.

Adam awakened from what humans call dreams and spoke to Him about having a different woman at his side. He, Adam, wanted a woman who would be his mate, but who would not be his equal. He wanted Lilith to be removed from this paradise and replaced. Adam’s request was acknowledged and granted. Lilith was removed from the only place she had ever known and placed on the outside of paradise. She was not pleased and became angry in this dismissal. She did however, use not only her gift of free will, but her six senses and set up a home in one of the seas. It would be there that Lilith built her empire, sometimes conspiring with the Unclean and mating with this dark entity producing 10,000 demons a day in all forms and voices and vices. To some it is called Legion. Lilith now had her own dominion and vowed her revenge.

She and the Unclean had the same agenda and would work together throughout the centuries to see to the destruction of His new world and the humans that plagued it. They would take their time and lie in wait. Their task was not so very difficult. The humans would be of their own undoing.

The free will gifted to the humans would be their very trapping. Humans would fall prey to the original seven deadly sins … the worst being vanity. Lillith and the Unclean were quite pleased at how the future would play out. They had all the time they needed. They had all the time in the world. They knew of His hopes and His beliefs in humanity. Too often however, sacrifices were made and the humans were without remorse.